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What We Do

With our full, hassle free services

let us take care of your solar PV system so that you can enjoy bill reduction with peace of mind

free consultation
Free Consulatation
  • Conduct Preliminary Study
  • Identify area & interconnection
  • Propose Tariff
  • Estimate Savings
free consultation
Preliminary Study Presentation
  • Amazing Solar will present to you
  • Your team to indicate YES/NO
  • Proceed with discussion/ negotiation agreements
free consultation
Detail Study / Engineering Design
  • On site detail study
  • Finalize the tariff
  • Finalize the contract period
free consultation
Construction + O&M
  • Installation period depending on time and size : 2 Weeks 2 months
  • Free O&M by Amazing Solar throughout contract period
What We Offer

Creating a green energy future


Creating a sustainable future for younger generation begins at home. Play your part while enjoying saving via self-consumption and Net Energy Metering (NEM).

Commercial and Industrial

Looking for great ways to reduce costs and increase profitability for your business? Going solar can let you do just that. What's more? It also means an improvement in your company's image.


We have the right solutions to help community entities of all size and nature, including schools, non-profits and government buildings to achieve optimum cost savings with clean energy generation.

Solar Farm

A solar farm is designed to produce enough electricity for thousands of homes and business. They are just like the solar panels you install on your roof to generate power for your individual needs. Solar farms in Malaysia usually sell electricity to the grid.

Why Choose Us

Best Solutions And Renewable Energy Storage Solutions

We offer you solution at zero upfront cost so you can enjoy immediate electricity bill saving.

Backed by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), we have the financial muscle for major investments.

We fully support the Smart City concept - Implementation of the Smart Grid system, integration of renewable energy, and better energy management.

As a one-stop solar solutions provider, we offer you truly end-to-end hassle free services from consultation, installation, maintenance, to monitoring.

Be a pioneer in leading the charge of switching to renewable energy. Amazing Solar actively evolves so you can be ahead and set the trend.

Expect seamless project execution and smooth operation with expertise from our parent company, TNB. We ensure quality workmanship and product reliability in the long run.

Whether you are a home owner, running a business/factory, or developing a township, we help to save on expenses by providing you with economical energy saving solutions.

We believe being eco-friendly and practicality go hand in hand. Hence, we will work together with you to reduce your carbon footprint in the most stress-free way.